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The Work Number from Equifax

Give your employees the opportunities for credit and aid when they need it most while staying focused on running your business!

Automated income and employment verification

A no-cost service for employers and employees that helps eliminate manual tasks while keeping life moving for your employees!


How it Works

The Work Number from Equifax automates your  employee verifications when those employees are purchasing/renting a home or a car, requesting government benefits and more.


"No-Touch" integration with L2 Total Business Solutions

Our integration with The Work Number fulfills verification requests by privately transmitting payroll information directly for source data accuracy.


Benefits Employees

Quicker decisions by lenders and government agencies means improved opportunities for employees when they need it, while also maintaining privacy.


Privacy and Security

The Work Number uses stringent security standards to help protect employee information including data encryption, physical security controls, and user identity verification.


Reduced Risk

When you respond to verification requests directly, you might be at risk for fraud or error.  The Work Number reduces this liability risk with increased control over the verification process.

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